Who is Plankton?

The first incomplete team picture in Kreuzberg

The beauty of the very fluid Plankton is that anyone who wants to give the web more freedom is welcome.

Together with Gerd, Leon was the first coder to lay the foundations for Plankton; Leon has since completed his IT education. Then came Benni, who is at home in digital marketing and plays a key role in business development as a co-founder. Marco, our first business angel, gave us confidence in our vision.

Thanks to Natascha, we have a visual language that is unique and a defined identity. With Frank, we have a well-known lifestyle blogger from Berlin who helped us with videos, photos and an initial prototype. And Jan, as the second coder in the team, provided the IT infrastructure and the most important elements for a solid construction plan; Jan lives a camper lifestyle with his four children and wife. Our working students Maria and Luisa conducted surveys with bloggers, structured our sales data and built up our marketing & PR.

Astrid also developed the UX for Plankton, which gives us a solid set up for the beta version. Ellis took the front end with Astrid’s templates and made the future look and feel of Plankton fit. We are proud to have Alexander on board as CTO, who has made Alpha possible and whose pragmatic approach is just right for us.

Last but not least, we value the constructive input from people who want to make Plankton better, different and new with us. Whether it’s Kai in IT infrastructure or Thomas, who has a lot of experience with very large software projects. In addition, another Alexander gave us intensive advice on the topic of digital publicity and Katharina on Digital Trust. A big thank you also goes to HTW Berlin, which has already supported us with two internationalisation projects.

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