Now everything is beta

We look forward to sharing the beta version with you soon. First, all alpha users will get an insight into beta and then Plankton will sail into the open, digital sea. This means that any user with their own blog can sign up.

After a few months in operation and, above all, thanks to your helpful feedback, Alpha is validated, everything is running technically and the idea has been confirmed in the first step. We wanted to test the key function of teaser sharing on a manageable scale with selected blogs.

First insight into the user dashboard for your teaser design settings

The most important new feature in Beta is that everyone has access to their own dashboard on There you will find statistics on your own and other teasers and posts in the Plankton network. Furthermore, the teasers can be customised, whether edited headlines, switching buttons on or off or simply adding a shadow, you decide how the teaser should look.

We also used Alpha to listen to our pioneering users and potentially interested ones. It was important for us to filter out what we should develop as the next features. One request kept coming back. More control over which teasers are shown on your own blog and which are shown on others. There is now a whitelist and blacklist that you can use to select blogs and categories yourself.

And as for your posts: In Beta you can select the post you want to share in Plankton yourself. The default duration is 4 weeks for a new teaser with a link to your post. You can restart the post at any time or select another post.

Thank you for all those who have supported us so far and believe in the vision of Plankton, we are only at the beginning.

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