Now everything is beta

We look forward to sharing the beta version with you soon. First, all alpha users will get an insight into beta and then Plankton will sail into the open, digital sea. This means that any user with their own blog can sign up. After a few months in operation and, above all, thanks to your […]

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Who is Plankton?

The first incomplete team picture in Kreuzberg The beauty of the very fluid Plankton is that anyone who wants to give the web more freedom is welcome. Together with Gerd, Leon was the first coder to lay the foundations for Plankton; Leon has since completed his IT education. Then came Benni, who is at home

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Say hello to Alpha

We’re a bit excited because we’re moving out of the harbour and into the open web for the first time, based on an idea and the desire to give the web more freedom again. The idea for testing Alpha is to validate the basic principle of reciprocity: Anyone is allowed to share their teaser (a

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Social blogging has emerged

The idea for Plankton came from years of personal experience and observation of blogging. It was the need to catapult the wonderful world of the diverse and colourful blogosphere to the next level. This incredible democratisation of publishing on the big wide web has been massively monopolised in recent years. The sharing of stories, their

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