_1* What does the Plankton teaser look like?
You can find it on all pages of our blog and on the homepage. It is responsive and optimized for mobile and desktop.

_2* How do I install the teaser on my blog?
First you need to sign up. Then simply install and activate the Plankton Social Teaser in your WordPress plug-in directory. And place it in your blog in the menu under Design > Widgets.

_3* Which posts from my blog will be shared in the teaser?
In the free version, the latest post from your blog is shared in other blogs in the teaser. In Plankton+ you can select the posts you want to be shared.

_4* Can I also use Plankton for corporate blogs?
Plankton is only intended for independent, decentralized blogs owned by a natural person and is therefore free of corporate content.

_5* Do I need a certain reach to share my posts on Plankton?
You should have your blog live for at least 3 months with a few posts, the reach is less important. Every post is looking for new readers.

_6* Who has access to my data? What happens to my data (is my data stored / used)?
Only Plankton, we also have a privacy policy. You can also request your data from us at any time and we will delete it for you.

_7* Will Plankton change anything in my existing theme?

_8* Can I use any theme for my blog when I install Plankton?

_9* Can I choose other blogs as favorites for my teasers?
With Plankton+ you can also decide on which blogs your teasers are displayed. When using the Free version, you are only testing the basic principle of solidarity.

_10* What if I don’t like/find the teaser displayed on my blog inappropriate?
With Plankton+, you can decide at any time which teasers from other blogs should not be displayed on your blog. As a Free user, you can only select a black list.

_11* Where can I get general help and where can I ask questions?
By email at support@plankton.social

_12* Where can I report technical errors?
Please send technical errors to bugs@plankton.social

_13* Who builds Plankton?
We are currently a decentralized team of 7 people and are happy to welcome new members who share Plankton’s vision and mission. You can read more about the team in our blog.

_14* Where can I learn more about Plankton?
You can find out more on our blog or contact us directly by email.

_15* Is there an English version of Plankton?
Yes, you can switch to an English language interface in your profile.

_16* Do my posts have to be in German to share them on Plankton?
No, we are also available in English.

_17* What makes Plankton different from other social networks/platforms?
Plankton is an automated and social post roll that connects decentralized blogs to share their articles in solidarity.

_18* Is there a central server that delivers the teasers?
Yes, our server delivers the teasers, we forward the requests and act as a temporary hub.

_19* Do blogs with fewer readers benefit more from Plankton than blogs that already have a wider reach?
Our aim is for everyone to have the same chance of finding new readers via Plankton. It’s not the reach of the blog that matters, but the reach of the individual post. In short, every new post can benefit and be read because everyone starts at 0 readers when a new post is published

_20* Is there a way to use Plankton if my blog is not on WordPress?
Not at the moment.


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