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At Plankton, we believe that writing to be read on the web requires a voice that is free from contraints. It should be easy to find people that read your blog and share your voice.

We are here to empower bloggers from all over the world, so their posts are found and their voices heard.

Freedom of Speech

We are convinced: blogs are the best way to ensure freedom of speech and diversity on the Web. They are decentralized, autonomous and unique in their richness. And on planet earth, there are more than 100 millions of them! The more blogs we read, the stronger our Web can be.

Network and App

Plankton gives bloggers a quick and easy solution to help each other attract new readers. It’s cheaper than booking ads via Facebook or Google, ads that give money to those who snag attention from your blog.

Plus: Plankton gives you the ability to share your blog posts in our app, so you can reach an entire new audience in search of inspiring content beyond social media.

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Become a member of our community and receive all pertinent information to our solution, special benefits and next goals. More importantly, become a beta-tester and help develop Plankton with your input!

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